Few things are nastier than watching a dude munching on his meal with food dangling from his facial hair. If your beard is really bushy, you’re probably sporting a look that is more Grizzly Adams-mountain-man than well-trimmed professional, available hottie, or smart and successful.

If you want to improve your look, you need a beard trimmer that can make it easier to manage your man hair. But before you go and buy just any trimmer, you’ve got to understand that not all beard trimmers are created equal.

Here’s what you need to know to pick a beard trimmer to make you look like a million bucks:

best-qualityYou can probably buy a beard trimmer at the same place you fill your car with gas and load up on soda and sunflower seeds. But you’ll be sorry. There are plenty of knock-off beard trimmer brands out there, but they can’t compete with the quality provided by recognized brands like Remington, Philips Norelco, Panasonic, Wahl, and others.
motor-beard-trimmerThe best beard trimmers are designed with powerful motors that provide the speed and strength you need to get a clean shave. Cheap beard trimmers can skimp on power and turn a few minutes in the bathroom into an hour-long shave-and-repeat process, or worse, snag your facial hair in its blades and rip it out instead of shaving and cutting. Pay attention to beard trimmer power when you’re comparing models.
Beard-Trimmer-DesignCompare bare-bones beard trimmers with more modern and well-designed ones, and you’ll notice a big difference in ergonomics. The best beard trimmers fit comfortably in your hand, and more importantly can give you a very close shave based on the way the blades and design can follow the contours of your face.
beard-trimmer-batteryThe best beard trimmers come with a power cord and built-in rechargeable battery. In your quest for the perfect beard trimmer, you should look for one with this option. And make sure the battery can be charged quickly and can operate a decent amount of time on a single charge.
Attachments-beard-trimmerIf you’re going to spend the money on a beard trimmer, you should make sure the model you pick includes guides and attachments. These add-ons will make your purchase more valuable to you. Beard trimmer guides and attachments give you depth control when you trim your facial hair. They’re useful for maintaining a consistent length of facial hair for your beard, mustache, and sideburns. Other attachments or features of a good beard trimmer allow you to trim nose hair, ear, hair, and even your eyebrows.
BeardTrimmer-cleaningIf you’re like most guys, you probably don’t want to waste time fiddling with a tiny brush trying to clean out every blade on your beard trimmer. Some beard trimmers include a cleaning brush, but also give you the ability to simply rinse the beard trimmer blades under running water.

Body Groomers, Shavers, and Trimmers form an important part of any man’s everyday life. We look at some of the top brands for your hair removal and grooming needs.


Max. LengthCorded
Philips Norelco QT40701818mmBoth★★★★★$$$
Oster Fast Feed413mmCorded★★★★★$$$
Panasonic ER-GB40-S Milano1910mmCordless★★★★★$$$
Philips Norelco QT40142010mmBoth★★★★$$
Wahl Peanut413mmCorded★★★★$$
Philips Norelco G370918mmCordless★★★★$$$
Braun Cruzer 61220mmCordless★★★★$$

Reviews of the 5 Best Electric Shavers

Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom 7100

Philips-Norelco-BG2040The Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom 7100 stands out as an all-in-one trimmer, without the hassle of the usual attachment changes. Five integrated length settings, self-sharpening blades, wet and dry use, 3D pivoting head it is suitable for all over body use. Pre-trimmers at the sides allow you a close shave with no need to repeat the shaving motion twice.

You can forget your skepticism about nicks anywhere with the flexible head. Experience the perfect close shave or the desired length with settings for the “dirty” look. Are you one of the men with a preference for a clean-shaven pubic area with sensitive skin? We all know the dangers attached to private area shaves, nicks, rashes and worse. The only shaver specially designed for men who like a smooth clean-shaven appearance all-over. Being fully waterproof, you do your grooming in the shower or sitting on the throne. Moreover, no need to change attachments you have 50 minutes of shaving after a charge. Charging and storage is simple with a sleek, foldable stand, LED battery indicator, showing you charging status and need only an hour to fully charge.

Looking at the pros of this shaver, we have to include Cons, which is very few, one actually. Men do find this shaver less desirable for use of beards. Clean shaven beards that is, it works perfectly for body grooming and hair cuts even, but the angles does not allow for the perfect close shave of facial hair as advertised.

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Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300

Philips-Norelco-QT4070You may recognize this trimmer as the previously named Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Pro. No changes were made to the original; however, Philips just changed the name to QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer. 18 secured length settings, 1/32 inch to 23/32 inches as well as 1/64 inch stubble setting and the integrated vacuum setting, ensures you can shave anywhere with no mess. One of the few shavers on the market that captures all cut hair, no more mess in your bathroom sink.

Do you have a thick coarse beard? You will love the Turbo Power feature, which boosts the fan speed and cutting fast and easily through your thicker beard. Favoring the five-o-clock stubble appearance? Stubble settings, lock wheel for settings selection and adjustable comb allow you to secure settings and easily follow your face’s contours. Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides 50 minutes of shaving and used either corded or cordless. Cons have to be mentioned and some men find the contour following comb poorly designed as a plastic stubble comb with sharply ended edges that often nicks their lips. However good news is when you contact Philips you simply inform them of the problem and request a (P/N 422203617711) comb as you have a problem with yours and within a week you will be sorted.

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Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

Andis-T-Outliner-Trimmer-with-T-BladeGuys with sensitive skin find this the ultimate solution and barbers worldwide use the Andis-T Outline trimmer, a handy corded trimmer with adjustable blades. It is ideal for dry shaving, the contoured housing for easy grip for close-cutting blade to trim around ears, mustaches, beards, and trimming necks. Design work and extreme close cutting with T-blade design, which is made from high-quality carbon works much better than the usual square blade. Some men use it for shaving their heads, although it does not last as long as with an electric razor. No complaints about nicks, cuts, or in-grown hairs from anyone who has used this trimmer.

Men who thinks it can replace their regular razor are mistaken, it does what it says, it is a Trimmer and those complaints about not receiving a close enough, smooth shave should read the descriptive name, it is a beard trimmer. Cons of the product include complaints that the trimmer does get a bit hot if you use it for a longer period and the fact that it needs to be oiled regularly is something many find irritating.

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Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer
The Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer is an excellent choice for trimming goatees, mustaches, tough beard hair, and heads with powerful dual-battery to adjust to different hair conditions. The sealed body allows you to rinse the trimmer under running water and shave for 40 minutes after an hour’s charge. There is no need to remove the comb when you add exact contours and shapes to your beard. The same goes for your head as the comb allows your six different length settings for hairstyling and six additional settings for facial hair.

It works equally well on longer and shorter hair and tougher beards stand no chance against the ultra-sharp stainless steel and can be used on both wet and dry hair. You will not get a close shave as with a razor, but as stated it is a trimmer, furthermore it is great to trim beard lengths and follow up with razor without ruining your expensive razor blade. Cons about this trimmer are that the comb attached is flimsy and breaks easily and others complain that regular hair dumping is required during a single shave, due to hair clogging the blades quickly, which is more of an inconvenience than con.

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Panasonic ER-GB40-S

Panasonic ER-GB40-SThe Panasonic Trimmer has an outstanding amount of settings, 19 to be exact and the most notable feature. Being rechargeable, utilizing a Spring Loaded Cutting System with Hypoallergenic Stainless steel blade it is also equally good for wet or dry use. It comes with three different combs or use one of the 19 quick adjust dials for a closer shave. Settings run between one to ten millimeters. Rechargeable, washable, and cordless it has a convenient charger, which also acts as a stand when not in use.

Unlike most other trimmers taking around an hours charge to shave 50 minutes, the Panasonic shaves 50 minutes only after a 15-hour charge. The fact that the blades has to be oiled each and every time before and after use, makes one wonder how durable the blades are. If one of the three attachable combs is removed for a closer shave, it also tends to pull hairs rather than trim it.

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How to Use a Beard Trimmer

Once you’ve found the perfect beard trimmer for your face, there are a few basic guidelines you should follow to obtain the best shave.

1. Look in the mirror and take a close look at the unwanted, stray hairs on your neck. Use your beard trimmer without the guard to shave your neck. This will give your facial hair a cleaner look when you’re done.

2. Determine what you want your beard to look like. French beard, goatee, mustache, depth and length of sideburns, etc. Then select the attachment or guide for your beard trimmer to get the length you want.

3. Turn on your beard trimmer and use slow upward strokes to trim your beard. This makes your facial hair stand up and allows the trimmer to cut cleanly and evenly. Use an attachment to trim the length of your beard, mustache, and sideburns.

4. Remove the guard or attachments and use the beard trimmer to touch up any areas that still need trimming. Trim the facial hair on your chin in a straight line, and make sure your beard and sideburns are even on both sides.

5. Clean and rinse your beard trimmer, and put it away until your next shave.