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Pros: It features a 3-D pivoting head works for close shaves and you can get 50 minutes of cordless use with an 1-hour charge. A dual-end style is designed for an all-in-one grooming solution.
Cons: Although the trimmer has the ability to trim your beard closely, but it seems that it doesn't perfect for sensitive skin as it will pull hairs in sensitive skin. Therefore, if you're looking for trimmer that is designed for sensitive skin, look for another one here.

With body grooming being essential to the modern day man, the Philips Norelco bg2040 offers you an all in one solution that will leave you feeling smooth all over. The dual end design of the Norelco bodygroom by Philips allows for a high performance trimming experience that will give you a refined cut even in the trickiest of places.

The Philips Norelco bg2040 reviews show how this model will meet your expectations and more with a 3D pivoted head that will leave you smooth but with no irritation and rounded blades as well as combs that will prevent scratching. The bg2040 is suitable for absolutely all areas around the body where you have unwanted hair and is great for your back as well as your chest.

The design of the Philips Norelco bg2040 has the modern man in mind, giving a comfortable and scratch free groom for all body areas. No matter whether you want to get rid of unwanted hair in the groin area or unsightly hair that makes you sweat on your back, the Philips Noreclo bodygroom is designed to give you the smoothness you crave.

The bodygroom from Philips is quick to charge, and with one hour of charging you can get a whole 50 minutes of grooming time. The Norelco bg2040 is water resistant, has 5 different length settings for achieving the look you require, and is even perfect for use in the bathroom. The versatility of the model makes it the perfect bodygroom to take with you wherever you go, and the wet and dry options mean that you really can achieve the style and look you desire even under the shower or when you are about to get in the bath tub.


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The Philips Norelco bg2040 offers you a precise trim from a cordless groomer, making it convenient to use as well as charge on the stand that is included. The revolutionary 3D pivoted head for shaving allows the groomer to follow the contours of your body, achieving a shave that is even and as close as you choose. You will only have to run the groomer over each area once to achieve perfect results, the integrated pre trimmers making sure that the first time you groom your desired area you will achieve the style or look you want.

The dual end design of the Philips Noreclo bodygroom allows for precision grooming, and the soft side panels and buttons that are made of rubber provide the secure grip that you need for both wet as well as dry trimming. As the model is 100% waterproof not only is it great for using in the shower, it is simple to clean and keep in top condition. The Philips Norelco bg2040 review shows how the model is not just easy to keep clean, but easy to maintain with its self sharpening blades which never need lubricating.

To keep your Philips Norelco like new, simply replace the foil every six to twelve months depending on your general usage. The battery indicator on the model will show high, low, and charge status, making the model simple and convenient to keep in optimum health. The Philips Norelco bg2040 review confirms that for a smooth skin all over and performance second to none, this bodygroom beats its competitors hands down.